The Wicked Scent Wickah contraption is officially "Patent Pending"! 
The New 2.0 versus the Original Wicked Scent Wickah
Because of our unique chambered scent storage and battery driven quiet fan, this little device not only delivers scents further and stronger to an animals nose, it's best feature SAVES you money!
How does this save you money? It's simple... when using typical scent pads you spill scent all over the ground and yourself you simply waste a lot of product trying to get enough scent in your hunting area and scent pads rely on wind to move the scent which usually dry out in a very short time. With our unique chamber, scent products stay moist longer and it constantly moves air flow over the wicking material forcing scent to flow into the natural air currents that will find an animals nose faster. Because of how moist our wicks stay inside the chamber less scent is needed and less is wasted on the ground saving you money.
Our Wicked Scent Wickah is for multipurpose use, easily replace our scent wick material and you're ready for the next season!
Deer Season - no wind.. no problem, wind still no problem! Save money using less deer scent and get more scent to a deer's nose. Pre & post our Anytime Buck or Doe urine, peak rut you'll want our Dominant Buck or Estrus Doe urine. (We recommend only using the WSW while hunting for best results.)
Bear Season - "Who da' thunk"
Save money on buying those expensive quarts of bear spray bottles, using our highly concentrated Anise oil Scent and the Wicked Scent Wickah, just a few drops onto our wicking material and our fan driven scent dispenser starts saving you money fast! This is going to be a staple at every bear site in any State you hunt bear! (We recommend only using the WSW while hunting for best results.)
Coyote & Cat Season - The sky is the limit!
From cover scent urine to smelly stuff rotting in a mason jar, the Wicked Scent Wickah is a coyote hunting machine!
Cover Scents ..... Who wants to place skunk pee on themselves or sit near it for that matter, use the Wicked Scent Wickah for all your cover scent needs.
Christmas Season - Yeah..yeah we know...How about those of you who have an artificial Christmas tree in your house? Fill your home with the scent of Balsam this Christmas with a Wicked Scent Wickah and our Maine Scent Secrets "Balsam Oil" and your guests will never know it's a fake tree!