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She works just Pissah too!

Just add 4 AA Bat-trees, enough of your favorite attractant or cover scent to the soupah wicken material, put the cover back on er’ and flip the switch, the air sucks right on in the side holes and blows your attractah or covah scent right where you want it to blow ...downwind to the crittah!

Wicked Scent Wickah 

2.0 Improved Version

is a rather simple contraption we here at Maine Scent Secrets developed out of a few spare parts we had lie’n round the shop! Mothah’s plastic container, a mini whirlygig, 4 AA battrees (not included), some soupah special wicken material and some electrical tape to make it all work.


 Remember it's Wicked Pissahh and Only $49.95




Deer Urine

Maine Scent Secrets..Secret to Success!

Tried, tested and proven in Maine woods to attract deer!

 Dominant Buck, Estrus Doe, Buck Anytime, Doe Anytime 

4 different urine types in 2 oz bottles

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Anytime Doe Urine

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Anytime Buck Urine 

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Doe in Estrus 

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Dominant Buck in Rut

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Bear & Trapping Attractant 

Maine Scent Secrets

Secret to Success

Tried, tested and proven in the Maine woods!

 Bear & Trapping Lure

Anise Oil 2 oz.


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Anise Oil Super Strong